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I find it’s never the easiest thing: talking about myself or what I do, because I don’t think what I do is very extraordinary, but when you take into account the things I make and draw only take place in my free-time (as I work full-time and most evenings I’m running around for the family and cooking tea) then you realise I accomplish quiet a lot in a small amount of time.

On paper I was always an average student, mainly because I fell to pieces in exams, but my brain was and still is constantly active with ideas. I could always draw, from being very little, but I didn’t get a real passion for it until I was into my thirties, and I found my favourite medium was pen and ink, because I could get so much more detail with a pen then I ever could with a paintbrush.

The knitting aspect developed from wanting something to do when I was sat down, because unfortunately I occasionally have to sit down. I love knitting small items like, baby wear, hats and gloves, because the knitting grows so quickly; which is why, in my house, you will find lying around lots of parts of adult jumpers, because I’ll start one, get bored for a while and start something else and then eventually go back to the one I originally started. I have tried to combat the monotony by reading at the same time as knitting, because who really wants to do one thing at once???

Finally, the sewing comes partly from my mum and my grandmother, who were both seamstresses. I grow up with dresses and outfits my mum made me, some I’d wear over and over again, and the odd few would getting an airing once a year. As I grew older I discovered I could make myself all sorts of outfit you couldn’t find elsewhere, and all my favourite dresses again and again. My only regret I have with my sewing is that I asked my mum several years ago if she would buy me a mannequin dummy, so I could fit my dresses on it, every year since I have had to plump it out just a little bit more; looking at the shape of it every evening is very depressing!!!

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