I’m slowly writing my own knitting and crochet patterns. I’ll trying to keep them as two separate entities, so my crochet patterns will be amigurumi characters; whilst my knitting patterns will be influenced by vintage knitwear. All my patterns will be available as digital downloads through Etsy. The link will be attached to a description of the patterns below. Each pattern I write will also include an estimate of how much the yarn will cost for the finished item.

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Meet Gerald the Anteater and Anthony his pet Ant.

You can buy the digital download for Gerald and Anthony from Etsy for £4:

The Yarn required is:

3 x 50g balls of Drops Alaska – Dark Brown Mix (50)
Colour B: 1 x 50g ball of Drops Alaska – Light Brown Mix (49)
Colour C: 1 x 50g ball of Drops Alaska – Black (06)
Colour D: 1 x 50g ball of Drops Alaska – Off White (02)
Colour E: 1 x 50g ball of Drops Alaska – Grey Pink (40)
Colour F: 1x 100g James C Brett Faux Fur Chunky – Tan/Black (H5)

You can buy theses direct from for approx. £18.
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