Inktober 52 – Week 2 – Home

Inktober 52 – Week 2 – Home.

I originally started a drawing of a place in Germany that always feels like a second home to me. I was sat at my desk, putting down the base colour and struggling to work up the enthusiasm, because it just didn’t feel quite right. Then I looked across at my cat, who has her basket on my desk, next to where I usually draw. If she is in a mood with me she sits on my drawings and shouts. I get nothing done until she eventually gets up and settle herself down in her basket, then she purrs contently. I like to think that this is her idea of home, it’s warm, comfy and full of strokes.
So here she is: Cardamom and her home
Week 3’s theme is reflection, which I have already touched upon in Week 1, so I’ll have to contempt whether to drawing another scene in Austria or find something else.

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