Inktober 52 – Week 1 “Fresh”

So I’ve decided to do Inktober 52 this year instead of the October Inktober. The difference is: rather than doing a ink drawing every day, through out October, you do one ink drawing a week and you don’t get to see the prompt until the beginning of the week ( this year it’s every Thursday). This means I can work on bigger piece, because I have a whole week to complete it. We are currently on week 2, the prompt was “home”, which I’m currently working on.
Week 1 was “fresh”. At this time of year I’m usually in Austria and I can think of nothing fresher than a cold Winter’s morning in Zell am See; this artwork is based on a photo I took whilst there last year. This piece is also “fresh” for another reason, as I’ve just started a new travel set of inks.

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