Today’s Hug- 20th June 2020

I finally finished today’s belated hug. I know it’s not a hug as such, but hares greet each other by touching noses. I’ve slightly cheated as I’m up to J and theses should really have been for H, but I’d already decided to do hedgehogs. So these are Jackrabbits or, as they are better known, hares. Mark Twain first coined the name Jackrabbits, because he thought they looked like rabbits with the ears of a jackass and where I live you see quite a few in the fields.
When I was younger I remember hearing a story about a man who had made a gold hare and hidden it somewhere in Britain and the only way to find the hare was to solve the riddle held within the pages of a book he’d wrote and illustrated; that book was called Masquerade and the author was Kit Williams. My brother a few years ago bought me that book, by now the hare has been found, but when the book was first published in 1979 it started a nationwide treasure hunt. I’m still working on solving the riddle, even though I know where it was buried and there is no more treasure to find, but I still find a threat in the hunt. If there is one thing you should all try when your out and about, especially with kids, it is Geocaching. This is a worldwide treasure hunt using gps coordinates and has kept me and my son amused during many walks. Have a look at and give it a go. It’s a great way to get out of the house and I can promise you the kids will love it. Who doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt.
Stay safe.x

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