Today’s Hug- 16th June 2020

Today’s hug might not be everyone’s cup of tea,  but you have to admit nature is wonderful. These are rhinoceros beetles and come from the same family of beetles as Hercules, elephant, unicorn, atlas and ox beetle.
Four years ago an assistant in Waterstones recommended Beetle Boy by M.G.Leonard to my son. He read the book within a day and developed a passion for beetles and taught me a few things about them on our numerous beetle hunts. Not all beetles destroy crops and decimate wood. Beetles were believe to be the first creatures to pollinate plants; lady beetles (aka ladybirds) eat the aphids and whiteflies; ground beetles eat the weeds and dung beetles find dung and bury it, which keeps the fly population down. If you’re not convinced beetles can be beautiful you should watch fireflies on a warm Summer’s evening. Fireflies (yes, they’re beetles) have been around since the dinosaurs, but recently their numbers have dwindled due to loss of habitat, light pollution and pesticides. June and July evenings are the time to watch out for them, so keep your fingers crossed that something good can come out of lockdown and their numbers start to increase, we could all do with a little of their magic in our lives.
Stay safe.x
#mgleonard #beetleboy

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