Today’s Hug- 14th June 2020

It’s the age old question: how do hedgehogs hug?
Before a hedgehog was called a hedgehog they used to be called urchins and the similarity to these creatures is how sea urchins got their name. It was not until round 1450 that they were known by the name we all know and love today.
Hedgehogs are hardy little creatures. They are thought to have evolved over 15 million years ago and for millions of years they survived predators by curling up into a ball and then the car came along! Hopefully the hedgehog population will have been thriving recently, due to less vehicles out on the road, it seems a lifetime sinces I’ve seen one out at night.
I know there has been times during lockdown that we all wished we could have been a hedgehog and curled up into a ball to shut the world out around us, but just like the hedgehog we are tough. So until we are back to normal life, look after your gardens, just like our spiny friends do for us. Make Mrs Tiggy-Winkle proud and get the washing out in the sun and if you still need something to do after that, make like Sonic and run round the garden.
Stay safe.x

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