Today’s Hug- 2nd June 2020

Today’s hug is a couple of chipmunks. Chipmunks can fill their cheeks with food to three times the size of their head. Okay, so be honest how many of you have been eating and drinking mounts of chocolate, heaps of cheese and gallons of wine, until you cheeks look like a chipmunk’s? Seriously though there are lots of food suppliers that have never been so busy, such as the flour mills, and are having to run waiting lists in order to keep up with demand. Equally, there are food suppliers, who under normal circumstances would be busy supplying bars and restaurants, for those it’s not so busy at the moment and they find themselves left with surplus stock. I know of at least one cheese company that is now selling cheese online to the general public at wholesale prices, to help move their stock before it goes off. So this hug is dedicated to all those suppliers who are finding it tough at the moment. We’ll keep helping if we can, after all there’s no calories when it’s for a good cause.
Stay safe.x

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