Today’s Hug- 19th May 2020

Today’s hug is another group hug. You can never get too many group hugs.
I chose this image to draw a few weeks ago, but I’ve only just got around to drawing it. I noticed a fortnight ago that the house martins had arrived and most mornings they will be huddled together on a telephone wire. I know these aren’t house martins, but you can see where I’m coming from. One thing you don’t get at the moment is the hustle and bustle. You can actually take a moment to enjoy what’s going on around you and notice the little changes the turn of the months brings. I always said I could feel the changing of the seasons, partly because I had seen so many it has become second instinct, but partly because I could feel the change in the air. Now I can say I know how the changes sound: birds sing more, forgotten calls return and the warning call from the blackbird, when you step to close to their nest, has started again. If nothing else, this time is a concert to the senses, so don’t just see it as a time of solitude, but as a time to explore your surroundings.
Stay safe.x

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