Today’s Hug- 17th May 2020

If I could have a spirit animal it would be either a hawk or a wolf.  I remember reading Wolves of Willoughby Chase when I was younger; the scene at the end scared my when I was younger, but never quite put me off them. They are beautiful caring creatures who mate for life and prefer to be part of a pack than alone.They have so many back stories in mythology from warrior to the big bad villain. In Serbian mythology they are the symbol of fearlessness. Today I think we should be like the wolf: we want to be part of a pack again and be with those we love, but we also need to be like the wolves in Serbian mythology and be fearless. Be the strong shoulder that those you are close to at the moment need. Look after those who are closes to you and make sure they are coping. Keep those you care for most, close.
Stay safe.x

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