Today’s Hug- 11th May 2020

Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday, I was working on the rhinos and also deciding what I was doing moving on. I love doing these daily hugs, but my drawing is suffering because of it and you guys aren’t always getting 100% from me. What I’ve decided, from today onwards, is to post a hug every alternate day, that way I can spend a bit more time on it and you’ll see it slightly early on in the day. Hopefully it will work out better for all of us.
Today’s hug is the rhinos I promised. Just like the rhino we all need to be thick skinned. Not everything is ideal at the moment and we can’t do everything we want to do, but things will get better and it might take a little longer than we hope, but as always stay strong and we’ll get there.
Incidentally, rhinos also sunburn very easy, just like I did over the weekend.
Stay safe.x

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