Today’s Hug- 9th May 2020

I’ve had quite a late finish to this week’s family quiz. So rather than rushing to finish my drawing, before falling asleep with a pen in my hand, I’m going to finish it tomorrow. I’m currently working on some rhinos for you, I’ll tell you the reason why tomorrow. In the meantime I hope you are all trying your best to do what myself and my family do and regularly facetime together. I have to admit it gets contentious occasionally and at other times we learn what memories we have of our youth, but I’ve learnt so much about my family that I never knew.
There is so much that is bad about the situation at the moment, but times like tonight, when my family found out how much the memories of our holidays as kids, imprinted on my brother’s mind, proves how precious these moments are. Use this time to get to know those you know well even better.
Stay safe everyone.x

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