Another Craft Show, Another Late Night.

You would think I would have learnt by now to start making my entries for craft shows several months in advance…well I haven’t! Yesterday was the Tockwith Show, a fantastic traditional agriculture show, with horse trials, dog shows, fur and feather competitions and crazy three year olds with inflatable hammers (yes, my little niece, I mean you!) So why was I there? Well other than wanting to see which of the eight identical rabbits was voted the most handsome and to see the world’s (probably) largest rabbit, that could have eaten Basil.

Yes, this rabbit is so big it fills it’s cage.

I was there to enter the Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Craft show. Considering four month’s ago I had said I couldn’t find any categories to enter, I ended up entrying six:

  1. A hand painted or drawn picture of any part of the UK
  2. An article of felting or felt work.
  3. A toy in any medium
  4. A hand knitted garment 4 ply or under.
  5. Three decorated cupcakes
  6. An item illustrating upcycling.

Most of my entries were ready week’s in advanced, however my drawing and my knitted garment took me slightly long than I planned. Both were finished in the eleventh hour.

So how did I get on and what did I enter?

My entry for “a hand painted or drawn picture of any part of the UK” upset me the most. I spent a week drawing it and I didn’t even get placed, but at least it’s one more drawing to show later on this year.
Some of you might recognise my entry for the item of felting or felt work. As you can see my beautiful dragon did me proud, he’s now sat on my fireplace looking smug.
My little skunk didn’t do very well in the toy category. To be honest I wish I’d finished my crocheted dragon in time, because he’d have looked more impressive. By the way the crocheted dragon pattern is coming along slowly.
My entry for the knitted garment 4 ply or under was my biggest surprise, I honestly thought the judges would find a ribbed top very boring. I think what worked in my favour was, it was knitted entirely on a circle needle, so other than two small seams under the arms there are no other seams. I have to admit though, it was very boring to knit.
The cupcake category I had free rein: other than it being three cupcakes, you could decorate them however you liked. I decided to revisit the cupcakes I made for my dad’s shed warming party and see if I could fool the judges as well as I fooled my dad.

Finally, the item illustrating upcycling. For this category you need to see the before and after picture.

So I took a boring pair of cheap shoes I bought on Ebay, then added some glitter and some of my son’s old Beano comics.
Anyone who knows me knows I love Ruby Shoo and Irregular Choice shoes, so I will definitely be wearing these. I’m off to Sheffield Comic Con on Saturday and there is going to be some of the Beano artists there, so I’m giving my shoes their first outing. I hope they like them.

No rest for the wicked though. I have finally finished knitting the vintage style celtic dragon jumper so I am currently editing the pattern. Watch this space as the pattern will be available for free soon.