The Owl looked up to the stars above and sang to a small guitar…

The lead up to the recent weekend has comprise of me making a Rockabilly skirt for my niece and turning this…

into this.

Why, you may ask, well it was all the lead up to my dad’s three quarters of a century birthday.

My dad wanted to do something to celebrate his birthday this year, as he said it’s not to be sneezed at hitting three quarters of a century. I love entertaining, it gives me the opportunity to spend days trawling through cookbooks to find the perfect recipes for the event, and believe me it is no easy feat as my family consists of several vegetarians, a couple of kids, a person who will eat nothing but meat and potatoes and a diabetic. My food of choice was tapas, as I can just about cater for everyone and the only person who has to suffer is me, because of the hours spent in the kitchen preparing all the little treats. Anyway, I digress. The highlight of the night was listening to The Beats, who are a group of four young lads that play music by The Beatles, Chuck Berry and numerous other well know rock and roll tracks, the band was booked to play in our village hall for a local event, which just happen to fall on the same day as the planned party for my dad…I love it when a plan comes together!!! This is where making a rockabilly skirt comes into the story, as my sister decided, a week before the event, that my niece would like a rock and roll skirt with a guitar on. Two problems, I have never seen a pattern for a Rockabilly skirt for a 3 year old and secondly, I really didn’t have time to machine embroidery a guitar. I solved the first problem by working out how to make a smaller version of the skirt pattern I usually use, which required a large pair of compasses. My second problem was solved by an Ebay seller who sold fabric with guitars all over it. The finally result was this..

So, back to the owl. I really wanted to make my dad a birthday cake and after my sister had thrown around a few ideas, including a Freddie Mercury cake and a wine bottle cake, I decided I wanted to make him an owl cake, it took several late nights, but it was worth it. Unfortunately, we had to take the cake to the concert as we hadn’t had time to cut it, so this was all that went..

My dad and sister decided to split the remainder of the cake up between them, which was fine with me as I no longer have work mates who will help devour it. I have, however, been left with the owl and I haven’t quite decided what to do with it: it took too long to make for me to just throw it away and it’s to nice to eat, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Now I’ve finished getting sidetracked I am going to try and get those patterns finished I promised you. I should manage it as long as no more cakes and skirts come along.