How to Kill Time on a Long Journey.

So I have recently been on holiday in Switzerland, enjoying the numerous train journeys on railway lines only the Swiss could have built: rack rails that climb to 2500m above sea level, and spiral lines that wrap themselves around mountains. Don’t get me wrong I have seen some fantastic sights and have taken enough photos to keep me in drawing matter for the next decade, but like most journeys it has it’s boring bits, which leaves me in a quandary as to how kill time when I haven’t packed any knitting or sewing. In my trusty rucksack I always carry a sketch book and a wallet of pens and pencils so I can sketch the scenery around me, however, when the scenery is constantly changing (other than the view of several, equally bored faces) this leaves me with the question what can I draw? Cardi has recently turned 18, a good age for a cat, so my mind starting thing it’s about time she got a job. I’ve been feeding her and boarding her for the past 18 years, it’s time she earned her keep, but Cardi is a particular cat and like me normal is just not good enough, so I decided to throw around a few ideas of jobs she could do, which all resulted in some cult reference. So here are Cardi’s job suggestions so far, when I’m next traveling I’ll have to add to the list.