For My Next Trick I’m Going to Juggle.

You probably wondering why I haven’t blogged anymore dragon projects recently, well I have never been one to start just one project at a time: currently I am juggling three craft projects at once. I’ve been machine embroidering a dragon on a dress I’ve made; if the dragon looks familiar it’s because it is based on the embroidered dragon on Gary Oldman’s robe in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, created by the very talented costume designer Eiko Ishioka, who was also responsible for the costumes in Mirror, Mirror.

I’ve also been writing a vintage style knitting pattern that has a Celtic dragon Fair Isle. However, to write a knitting pattern you also have to knit it as you go along, I love knitting but I hate knitting Fair Isle – I do make a rod for my own back!

And finally I have been writing a crocheted soft toy dragon pattern, which just like the knitting pattern, it needs creating as I go along. At the moment it looks like a purple Moomin, but there’s still lots of work to do on him: I’ve still got to design his feet, his wings, some spines, his eyes, his nostrils and his tail. He’s definitely a work in progress.

With the exception of the crocheted dragon I am nearly finished on my dragon projects, so watch this space as my finished dress will be going live in the next couple of days.