Well I promised you chocolate cake and here it is. It was touch and go whether I’d get chance to publish it tonight, as the weather is warm and it’s such a nice night to sit outside with friends and a few drinks, but I managed it (thank goodness for forward thinking!!!!). If you go to my website:, you will find not only the recipe for my chocolate cake, but also the instructions for making the fondant dragon; just click on the recipe header on the home page. I hope you enjoy making it, it’s nice and easy and tastes scrummy, My cake is off to my sister’s tomorrow and I know my niece is looking forward to eating the dragon.

My next two projects involve these:

The purple project has already begun, so hopefully I’ll have a couple of patterns for you to try. Watch this space in the coming days, as I might publish a crochet pattern stage by stage, it just depends on how many times I unpick it!!!!