Look into my eyes; look deep into my eyes…

So I’m a sucker for a cute kitten. I’ve been followed around the house by both Cardi and Basil all weekend, and their big eyes told a story of rejection and a need to be centre of attention, so I finally caved. If you have never lived in a household with cats, they have two tactics; it works a bit like “good cop, bad cop”. Firstly they will start with the “good cop” phase and try to melt your heart with big, doe eyes; then they will rub themselves against you legs and make seriously cute mewing noises. Some cats will go the whole hog and roll on to their backs and show you their bellies; I think they have decided, if it works for a dog it will work for them. The “bad cop” phase clicks in if you still don’t pay attention. Phase two is scratching everything around them to shreds, and believe me cats claws are sharp (as my husband, who still has scars from one of our cats panicking when it saw a dog, will attest), scientists have yet to explore the hidden benefits of the cat’s claw. I gave in and did two drawings, but the scanning is not playing so I managed to scan the first one, which really sums my cats up: Basil is the younger cat and really wants to play and Cardi is the old grumpy cat who has no time for youth.

I haven’t managed to finalised my Chinese New Year t-shirt design yet, but I’ll try to get it finished in the next couple of days; so once again watch this space!!!